The technologies of the future already exist. Now it’s just a question of finding ways to realise them.

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One of the most important business and innovation centres focusing on circular economy is located in Kujala, Lahti. Thanks to advanced material recovery and processing solutions, as much as 96% of local municipal waste is utilised.

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Lahti is known internationally for its expertise in water and soil treatment. Multi-level environmental work is actively carried out based on the needs of residents, organisations and companies.  The City’s land-use planning model helps to create a shared vision for urban and brownfield areas.

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Efficient transportation management means easy route planning, smooth travel chains and green logistics. Public transportation has moved into the new era and the city can nowadays offer the cleanest public transportation in Finland.

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Lahti has gained international recognition for its bold energy investments and many of the municipal premises are undergoing large energy efficiency improvements. Innovative living solutions are demonstrated in different districts. The region boasts several growing business areas offering cost-efficient environments for new business.

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The creation of a sustainable society is largely dependant on the awareness, knowledge and behaviour of residents. Communication and education play a key role in achieving change in these respects. Environmental professionals are born here.

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