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CitiCAP – citizens’ cap and trade co-created

CitiCap aims to reduce emissions from transport, collect and make available digital data on mobility and develop new transport services for citizens. The CitiCAP project will experiment with a personal carbon trading scheme for mobility as part of the Lahti region’s transport policy and build a main cycle route based on smart solutions (Lahti city centre – Apilakatu street).
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More opportunities in the Lahti Region

On April 16th - 21st 2018 train stations in Helsinki, Vantaa, Espoo, Tampere, Lempäälä and Lahti will turn into test fields and market places for climate smart solutions. Train stations are important urban life meeting points and crossroads for climate smart traffic. Stations have significant un-used potential as test fields,...
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Historically significant harbour-sports centre area, known as Satamaraitti, is a vibrant location, bringing together people and services in the centre of the city. The area features a high-quality green area network and forms a cluster of events and event-related expertise that draws interest on an international level. A further aim is...
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