Smart energy architecture in the Asko area

The Asko Area has been developed to house a collection of cultural, well-being and business services, as its flexible building solutions offer premises for various purposes. Located in the heart of Lahti, the area possesses significant potential for development and growth. Its planning has been guided by the strategic vision of Lahti as an environmental city.

The owner of the Asko area is Renor Oy and the core of the site, which covers over 30 hectares, consists of the former industrial production facilities of the Finnish companies Asko and Upo. Thousands of new homes and hundreds of business premises will be built along the trackside in Lahti in the near future. The area’s service networks and members of the growing active community are creating a strong base for regional development.

The Asko area represents an urban landscape with a low, resource-efficient environmental impact and pioneering intelligent technological solutions. The area is already serving as a test bed for multiple intelligent technology solutions and the shuttle-service opportunity is now undergoing further research. The efficient district heating network is further improved by combining single-building-scale production.

The premises are being cooled in a new, cost- and energy-efficient way. In 2013 Renor expanded a cold-water plant, which utilises groundwater in cooling, and the groundwater now cools 8,500 m2 of office and production space. The cooling system helps reduce electricity consumption by 30–50 per cent compared to other air-conditioned facilities. The possibility of utilising groundwater as a rechargeable battery for storing cold and heat is currently undergoing research and business planning.

Renor has created the Asko Area’s integrated development plan in cooperation with AJAK Architects Oy, who won the trackside architectural competition. The competition was arranged as one of the major events of the World Design Capital 2012 Programme.

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