NEWS: Päijät-Häme Road map – how to become a successful resource efficient region

The Finnish Innovation Fund, Sitra, published Finland’s road map to circular economy in 2016. The Päijät-Häme road map describes the regional vision and concrete activities to achieve common goals. The road map is also a part of regional development strategy.

The vision of Päijät-Häme is to be “the successful resource efficient region” in 2030. The road map process to define vision and goals involved stakeholders like regional and municipal authorities, higher education institutions, a regional development corporation, and private and public companies. The road map work continues with updating and specifying the actions together with regional stakeholders.

Understanding and defining the side streams in the region reveals new business opportunities in the field of circular economy


The Päijät-Häme Road Map has five main themes. Regional goals and actions have been set for each theme. The goals and examples of actions are:

  • Closed loops of technical streams to create added value.
  • Sustainable food systems as a part of bio circular economy.
  • Towards energy self-sufficiency by sustainable transport and energy solutions.
  • Shared economy generates new consumption models and business opportunities.
  • Piloting and demonstrating innovative circular economy solutions.

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