Lahti has the cleanest public transportation in Finland

A major change in public transportation was implemented in 2014, when almost the whole fleet was renewed and switched to a network-based model. Nowadays, 87% of the City’s buses are low emission buses and belong to the cleanest EURO6 category. Before the reform, the public transportation system was operated by private companies and Lahti subsidised the operators. In 2015, 82.8% of residents lived in the pedestrian/public transportation zone. The reform means that today Lahti can offer the cleanest public transportation in Finland.

Public transportation is maintained by the City in the entire greater Lahti area under the brand name LSL. The reform allowed for time schedules and different modes of transportation to be integrated with one another, and above all the change has led to a better service level.

TOP 5 service improvements

  • New routes added and increased frequencies. 40% increase in kilometres travelled

  • better driving schedules, especially during the quieter times

  • new low-emission and low-floor buses

  • fresh, solid appearance
  • new service regions and free-of-charge travel for special groups
  • Lahti Travel Centre is included as a stop on almost all bus routes.

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