Kuusakoski Recycling research centre and Ekopark

Kuusakoski’s research and development centre in Lahti studies and tests new ways of sorting materials in order to identify new material flows and to recover precious metals from waste materials more efficiently.

Ekopark Lahti, owned by Kuusakoski, is a modern, industrial-scale recycling plant that produces fuel for Lahti Energy’s gasification plant. Ekopark receives and handles demolition and construction waste as well as energy and packaging waste from retail and industry sources.

The resulting product is recycled fuel; recyclable side streams include mineral components and metals. Ekopark’s operations reduce carbon dioxide emissions significantly. The usual destination of material from construction sites is a landfill, where wood products decay, producing carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases, while plastics remain in the mound. Ekopark Lahti recovers valuable energy.

Ekopark is situated next to Lahti Energia, in Kymijärvi, Lahti

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