Green investments

Looking at a 40-year period, the largest city development investments are now being implemented to support the region’s green growth, infrastructure, mobility, and tourism and leisure. Massive investment plans for the period 2017–2019 in renewables and energy-efficiency are worth at least MEUR 290.

By 2020 at least one third of public procurements and investments will be targeted at projects that create new innovations in circular economy. Recent green investments in biomass-fired and gasification plants for energy production, material recovery facilities, and a stormwater management system support the achievement of environmental goals.

ESCO project

Lahti is conducting an extensive ESCO project in collaboration with Siemens, to improve the energy efficiency of 10 premises owned by the City of Lahti. Lahti Sports Centre is one of the places involved. A total of 468 (110 MWh) solar panels were installed at the Centre, with an objective of saving 6 GWh (~3%) of energy.

Bold investments have brought Lahti international recognition. International nominations in recent years are mainly due to investments in renewables and new types of smart city solutions. The investments made were described as being on an unusually large scale for a small city.

The world´s biggest wooden concert hall, Sibelius Hall, is one of the premises involved in ESCO project