Environmental education

Early years care in Finland is designed and publicly funded to ensure high uptake: every child has a legal right to high-quality pre-school care. The main aim of early years education is not explicitly ‘education’ in the formal sense, but the promotion of the health and wellbeing of every child. There is no wonder why Finland's Comprehensive school system has sat at the top of Europe’s rankings for the past 16 years.

Lahti has numerous programmes and projects related to environmental education. Environmental grannies and grandpas are an excellent example of pro-environmental volunteering to familiarise children with everyday environmental actions. Environmental counsellors helps with voluntary environmental work or environmental education. Lahti provides an environmental teacher to train schoolteachers in organising outdoor lessons and provides equipment to support the lessons.

Opened in 2017, the Green Leaf pre-schools at Heinsuo and Kalliola support student communality, offering open learning environments and phenomenon-based learning. Read more about how energy is produced in an environmentally friendly way and locally on the premises.

The Ekopaku eco-van is a unique, moving environment school and can be borrowed by schools and day care centres in Lahti. The van has all the research equipment, digital technologies and teaching settings, and ready-made education programmes that are needed for an operational school day. In particular, the LUMA class can help children learn about natural sciences with a particular focus. 

50 kindergartens mapped interesting natural objects and species in nearby green spaces to help find them more easily. The data is stored in the City’s GIS-system to be used in detailed planning and forest management.

The project ‘Mun juttu’ (‘My thing’) aims to improve the wellness of young adults and reconnect them with nature.