CitiCAP LAHTI- citizens’ cap and trade co-created


The city of Lahti’s CitiCAP project has been granted 4.7 million euros of project funding from the EU’s Urban Innovative Actions initiative. The project will develop new transport services for citizens while creating incentives for sustainable mobility.

The goals of the CitiCAP (citizens’ cap and trade co-created) project are to reduce emissions from transport, collect and make available digital data on mobility, and develop new transport services for citizens. The CitiCAP project will experiment with a personal carbon trading scheme for mobility as part of the Lahti region’s transport policy and build a main cycle route based on smart solutions (Lahti city centre – Apilakatu street).

CitiCap aims to reduce emissions from transport, collect and make available digital data on mobility and develop new transport services for citizens. The CitiCAP project will experiment with a personal carbon trading scheme for mobility as part of the Lahti region’s transport policy and build a main cycle route based on smart solutions.

3 main challenges to tackle in CitiCAP:

  • How to change the mobility attitude and behaviour of citizens to promote the shift from private car to sustainable mobility?
  • How medium-size cities may develop their mobility environment: increase the use of sustainable mobility modes, enhance the multimodality and decrease the CO2 emissions, while they cannot use all mass transit options that are available for larger cities?
  • How ITS approach can be integrated into the sustainable urban mobility planning?

In practice, personal carbon trading means that citizens will benefit from reducing their own emissions from mobility. They could receive, for example, various benefits in the traffic environment, as well as incentives for service use.

Kuva: Lauri Rotko/Lahden kaupunki

The project will also develop an operating model for collecting and providing access to various kinds of traffic data. Plenty of data on mobility is currently available, but it is scattered across various sources, such as mobile phones, and is most often not open to the public.

The EU’s Urban Innovative Actions initiative provides 80% of funding in support of innovative solutions that are tested in individual cities. The city of Lahti’s innovation partners in this project are: Lappeenranta-Lahti University of Technology (LUT), Lahti University of Applied Sciences (LUAS), Lahti Region Development LADEC and four companies working in the field of mobility: Infotripla, Mattersoft, Moprim, Future Dialog and Goodsign.

A variety of partners support new innovative solutions for a common goal: creating more sustainable mobility in Lahti

CitiCAP Main milestones

January-May 2018: Planning of open mobility data possibilities.

May 2018: Policy draft explaining different PCT models.

May 2018: Participatory process description of integrated SUMP + Master Plan.

June-July 2018: Innovation competition on smart bicycle highway solutions.

October 2018: Mobility data platform architecture established.

December 2018: Fair personal allocation of carbon reductions targets co-designed.

January 2019 – June 2020: Pilot period of the PCT scheme.

September 2019: EU Mobility Week / Lahti festival. Launch of the PCT scheme.

June 2019 – June 2020: Building phase of a smart main cycle route working as a pilot arena for smart mobility services and visible arena for PCT.

November 2020: Final conference.

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The city of Lahti

The Lahti region is home to over 200 000 residents, of whom 119 118 live in Lahti. The city of Lahti is currently actively developing its urban areas and has major land-use planning projects in different parts of the city. City has an aim to increase the climate-resilience of urban structure and enhance the sustainable transportation modes.

Main role in Citicap: Innovation platform formation for sustainable urban mobility.

LUT University

LUT University is a pioneering science university in Finland, bringing together the fields of science and business since 1969. University´s international community is composed of approximately 6,000 students and experts engaged in scientific research and academic education. Clean energy and water, circular economy and sustainable business are the key questions of humankind to which LUT seeks solutions through technology and business. LUT Lahti is comprised of two research groups, Sustainability science and Sustainability change groups. Together they have competences in life cycle assessment for tracking emissions, environmental management and economics, sustainability transitions, sustainable business models and assessment of strong sustainability.

Main role in Citicap: Implementation of personal carbon trading scheme

Lahti University of Applied Sciences (LUAS)

Lahti University of Applied Sciences (LAMK or Lahti UAS) is an international multidisciplinary higher education institution located in the city of Lahti. The fields of study include culture, business and hospitality, social and health care and technology. Lahti UAS has extensive knowledge and expertise in information and communication technology (ICT), but also in enviromental engineering and urban sustainability.

Main role in Citicap: Data platform building coordination

Lahti Region Development LADEC Ltd

LADEC developes the conditions for business growth and competitiveness in the Lahti Region, as well as markets the region as an attractive business environment. LADEC has worked decades with SMEs and has SME development as the core task of the company. LADEC has special a background with Cleantech companies with low carbon products.

Main role in Citicap: Horizontal and vertical communication of the project


Infotripla Oy is a Finnish forerunner in new digital age transport system services. Their services and products are especially targeted to smart mobility and transport, with more than 10 years’ experience on new, emerging technologies and solutions driven by customer needs. The existing solutions and services are already proven by market – in both private and public sectors.

Mattersoft Ltd is a Finnish software company, focusing on intelligent transport systems. Since 2018, they have been a member of the INIT Group. They specialize in public transport information management and traffic light priorities. They provide and maintain solutions by ourselves and with our partners. The company is also involved in various national and international research projects related to intelligent transport systems and logistics.

Moprim is a MOTION AI company developing motion sensing analytics, a missing piece in current cloud platforms. Based on artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms for motion, the technology is especially suitable for gathering any motion related data using smartphones or wearables, whether it is related to transportation or human based movement. This event or data driven approach turns motion data into driver, vehicles or road analysis, or data for smart and sustainable cities.

Future Dialog
Future Dialog offers a leading citizen engagement platform for cities & municipalities. Future Dialog provides cities with a turn-key solution for involving members of the community, learn to know and engage the citizens with the platform.

Good Sign

Good Sign is the service business platform for the digital economy. Good Sign unites the service chain with service contract billing. Good Sign is designed to unite operational automation and financial transparency for customer contracts, service operations and supplier contracts in a modern multi-actor business environment.

Do YOU have an idea or a suggestion to support Lahti´s sustainable mobility? Have you seen interesting mobility solutions around the world that we should also concider?

Further information about Citicap:

The City of Lahti

Anna Huttunen, Project Manager
Tel +358 44 482 6176

Heidi Snellman, Public participation planner
Tel +358 44 482 6177

LUT University
Ville Uusitalo, Assistant Professor
Tel. +358 40 511 8335