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Lahti is on its way to becoming a true smart & clean city. Able and eager to find new climate-friendly possibilities in the challenges it faces. Efficient  environmental actions, such as abandonment of coal as an energy resource in April 2019, made the city of Lahti as a winner of the European Commission’s European Green Capital Award for 2021.

We have a long history of company eco-systems fostering each others’ sustainable actions and the residents of Lahti play a significant role in developing the future.

On this website we have gathered some of the smartest solutions and opportunities in the Lahti Region. The Find Partner section introduces the stars behind them. Join us and be inspired.

Five themes lead the way!

The Lahti Region is a great place to bring your business to the next level. The future is already here.

Circular Economy

Lahti is one of the most important business and innovation hubs for recycling and material recovery and handling in Finland. Due to advanced solutions, as much as 96% of the local municipal waste is utilised.
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Sustainable urban development means reliable monitoring, long-term planning and a variety of land-use models. The Lahti Region’s rich natural environments have been harnessed as real-world experiment areas for a diverse array of scientific environmental studies.
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Efficient transportation management means easy route planning, smooth travel chains and green logistics.
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Lahti has achieved international recognition of its bold energy investments. By 2020 at least one third of public procurements and investments will be targeted at projects that create new innovations.
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The creation of a sustainable society is largely dependant on the awareness, knowledge and behaviour of citizens. Communication and education play a key role in achieving change in these respects.
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